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  • MJF is a not-for-profit organization. Donate now to support equal justice for all.
  • Connecting Law Students to the Community

MJF is a not-for-profit organization.Donate now to support equal justice for all. Donations are tax deductible.

For Students


Through MJF you can choose to volunteer your time on a project in an area of law which most closely matches your interests and strengths. In doing so, you make an enormous difference for low-income Minnesotans who might otherwise go underrepresented.

For Attorneys 

Attorneys working in pro bono, public interest, or with low-income clients may request the assistance of law students through MJF.  Law students may help with client intake and interviewing, community legal education, courtroom representation, fact investigation, legal research and writing, government paperwork, or special projects. Law students can work in your office on a weekly basis throughout the semester or can help you with a specific case or project.

Our Programs


MJF accomplishes its goal to help meet the legal needs of low-income Minnesotans through three primary tracks, the Law School Public Service Program (LSPSP); the Summer Clerkship Program (SCP); and the Legal Scholarship for Equal Justice (LSEJ), a curriculum-based service program.

About Us 

In 1982, law students concerned about serving Minnesota’s low-income and disadvantaged persons founded MJF. These visionary students believed that lawyers and law students have a special professional obligation to provide quality legal services to those who cannot afford legal representation. MJF developed a broad vision in the mid-1980s as civil legal service providers were suffering massive cutbacks in federal funding; in response to this crisis, MJF created volunteer and Summer Clerkship programs, establishing the organization’s commitment to provide law student assistance to public interest and pro bono attorneys working in the community.  Over the years, MJF’s members have highlighted the need for legal services for low-income individuals and for creating pro bono opportunities for law students and lawyers.


Law School Public Service

Since the summer of 1983, MJF has funded 638 Summer Clerks and the MJF Student Chapters have funded 193 summer clerks.

In the 2015-2016 school year, MJF placed over 1,100 students as part of our Law School Public Service Program (LSPSP), serving nearly 6,000 clients and providing nearly 27,000 hours of volunteer service – work equivalent to 13 full-time law clerks.