Pre-Orientation Service Projects


For incoming first-year law students, MJF offers the opportunity to participate in law-related public service projects prior to the start of school through its Pre-Orientation Service Projects (POSP). Participants are assigned to volunteer at various sites in the metro area and in Greater Minnesota. Participants contribute to the community while gaining exposure to some of the practical aspects of legal work. It is also a fun way to get to know classmates before law school begins. Projects range from one day to four days, depending on the needs of the agency. Examples of past service projects include assisting pro se parties at courthouse self-help centers and helping people fill out legal forms at brief-advice legal clinics in Greater Minnesota.

MJF will host several sessions of Navigating Public Interest (NPI), one to kick-off each week of POSP. NPI is a half-day orientation that will cover information related to the public interest law community in Minnesota; tips for volunteering; and ways to get involved with MJF. All students are welcome to attend this orientation, whether or not they are available to volunteer.


Getting Involved

Contact your MJF Staff Attorney for opportunities in 2016.

Sign-up link for Mitchell Hamline School of Law students.

Sign-up link for University of St. Thomas School of Law students.

Sign-up link for University of Minnesota Law School students.

If you would like more information, please email us.